To Get The Best From Anyone Give Everyone The Best Of You

Can You give Trust, Respect, Encouragement, and Loyalty to every person You meet? This is not a trick question. It is sincere, and it is the question that will show You the way to becoming confident and living the life You choose.


Consciously Choosing Is The Key

Most people are not aware of their amazingly powerful ability to Choose. Becoming conscious of this ability and actively using it, is one of life’s most exciting discoveries. It is truly the beginning of a new and exciting way of life.

You see, Your ability to think is what gives You the ability to consciously choose. I discovered this key very early in life, and it has served me well. Once I discovered that I could choose my own thoughts and that choosing my own thoughts made me understand that I Am Not A Victim, I began to LIVE INTENTIONALLY.


What I Have Done Consistently All My Life

First, I Choose – I Am Not A Victim. This means that I live intentionally all day every day. My favorite expression is, “yes, I can!”

I also UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE PEOPLE. I give all people trust, respect, encouragement, and loyalty.

And always, through living these values, I GET THE BEST FROM PEOPLE.

You can do it, too. I know You can. I offer You six simple and practical principles of how to think. Practiced conscientiously over time, the effect of these principles compounds into an incredibly powerful life.

  1. Be trustworthy.
  2. Show Your care for others and Give First.
  3. Be The Best You in every moment – Compete with Yourself to always be The Winner!
  4. Change perspectives and believe in multiple solutions.
  5. Create instead of competing.
  6. Achieve instead of comparing.

What I have learned over time from working with so many men and women is that You can reshape Your way of thinking anytime because everything is learnable and replaceable.


How To Build True Self Confidence

In many cultures, confidence is seen as a strength. However, the way in which confidence is too often taught does not cultivate confidence. Instead, it cultivates aggressive and competitive behavior.

 The method that I have used to build my own self-confidence, and how I help men and women around the world build theirs, is through kindness. In order to become a confident person, You must be kind to Yourself and allow Yourself to learn and improve.

Combining this kindness with the habitual way of choosing the way You think will lead You to who You want to become.


The Future Is Yours To Choose

Ask Yourself:

  • Who You want to be or become?
  • What You want to do or have?
  • How much are You willing to act for achieving the results You want by using Your unlimited potential to choose?

Choosing To Change is the supreme act of will, which opens the doors to an infinite number of possibilities.  Change is simple, but not easy to apply because it is a continuous and never-ending process of small transformations. Simply keep choosing again and again, until one day You will be surprised, amazed, and thrilled to say, “I did it! I Am Not A Victim. I am living the life of my dreams.” You may realize that You are surrounded by people who always give You their best for one simple reason. You always give them the best of You.

My vision is to help women and men around the world become aware of their powerful ability to say, “I Choose – I Am Not A Victim.”