‘‘Be Yourself!

Only this way You can be Authentic.”

-Gabriela Humailo, Mindset Coach


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Awakening Your Awareness Choose You.

Between You and the image from the mirror are only Your accepted beliefs about who, what, or how You are! Whose are these beliefs? Did You build Your image to be accepted by others?
It is Your choice if You accept that:
  • You don’t deserve
  • You are not worthy
  • You are not good enough
  • You are too Young or old for
  • You are who others think You are (Who do You think You are?)

But think again, and again, and again, until You find Your answers.

Give You the chance to choose for Yourself and Your Future!

Any human being needs to relieve itself by the most hidden thoughts or fears at someone neutral and objective who don’t judge him. That’s why this person is called a Confident Person. Show me someone objective and powerful enough to fight with HIS own beliefs.

Do You want to see about Yourself what You can’t see in Your big-picture because no one can be objective enough with himself?
Let me be Your magic mirror from the story You are talking with and listen to You without judging You.

Let me show You Who is in the mirror (the real You saw through my objective perspective)!

Let me show You How to “see” and interpret Your image from the mirror!

Let me show You new perspectives between You and Your image from the mirror!

  • I help women and men to see things that they can’t unsee.
  • Do You want to transform Your personal and professional life into one of peace, calmness, love, and harmony?
Let me show You how to find Your inner peace and harmony for sharing it with Your loved ones, Your family and friends, Your coworkers and partners.
  • What if You admire Yourself for who You are, do, and have? Instead of admiring others for their choices from life?
  • Be(come) Yourself for being an example to follow for Your children, family, friends, and business partners.
  • Make an order first in the relationship with Yourself for having or creating order in relationships with Your children, husband or wife, family, and friends, and also with Your business partners or co-workers.
I Choose – I live what I think, and I think what I live!

Hi, I’m Gabriela Humailo!

I’m known as the Mindset Coach and the experiences of working with thousands of people, both employees and business clients, combined the personal skills of coaching, communication, and training of sales people with the managerial and leadership skills, and formed me as an excellent motivator and inspirational leader, knowing that any business grows through the people that work for it.

Gabriela is certified in Life and Business Coaching, and also is a Coach, Trainer, and Speaker Certified
by John C. Maxwell.

You can meet me on:

The Vision

To Create a Worldwide Movement of Women and Men Aware of Their Powerful “I Choose.”

The Mission

Every Woman and Man Must Become Aware of Their Power of Choosing the Life They Want to Live.


Because every woman and man Can Choose Who they dream or want to be or become. And only they Can Create the Happiness they crave to feel and the Freedom of their Spirit.

But for living a new, better, happier, and fulfilled life, every woman and man need an Experienced Guide. And they need their Willingness to accept crossing through the transforming processes.


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