This Magic Moment

So often in life, most people get caught up in collective thinking and are not fully aware of their own true thoughts. The thoughts of a family, a town, a school, the media swirl around us and influence us non-stop. It can be very confusing and disturbing, to say the least.

What do you think would happen if you could push a “pause button” on life and stop everything? What if you could bask in the silence for a single moment or much longer? What do you think you would hear inside your head? At first, you would most likely hear the cacophony of thoughts you have been accustomed to hearing. However, if you keep that pause button pushed for longer and longer periods of time, you are likely to begin to experience silence, and then, magically, your own thoughts!!

If you break life down into a single moment, for instance, this moment, and get in touch with what you are experiencing within, you will begin to realize that every single moment is rich, and each one builds to create the events of your life. Every single moment is filled with all the potential necessary for who and what you have and desire to become. Yes, especially this moment and the next one, even in the midst of confusion and chaos caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic.  Within the stillness of every single moment, you can find your way forward with purpose instead of random, aimless movement of going with the flow of the collective.

This is your life. You get to choose how you want to live, how you want to proceed. But you must decide, and you must choose. Most people are not accustomed to slowing down and letting the world swirl around them. If you would like help strengthening your innate ability to choose in your life, perhaps I can provide the inspiration you desire. I love helping men and women around the world find the true magic in every moment of life.