Now Is Definitively The Time To Choose To Be The Light

“We, as people of color, must do the work so well that we are aware that we are the light and the luminous expression of God regardless of anything that is thrown at us.  That we are not walking around as victims of anything. We might be victimized, but we are not victims!”

Michael B. Beckwith


Now Is Definitively The Time To Choose To Be The Light

Whether You realize it or not, being a victim is a choice, whether conscious or unconscious. You may be treated disrespectfully, even horrifically by others at times, but somewhere within, You, and every human being knows that You can never really be a victim IF You SEE YourSELF as the light of love instead. It is how You see and think about Yourself that determines who You are. If You ACCEPT that You are a victim, You are a victim. But if You choose that You cannot be a victim, You cannot be.

As Michael Beckwith points out in the opening quote, there really are no victims even when one is being victimized. The person doing what may be considered ‘victimizing’ may think of the person they have targeted their rage upon as a victim, but that doesn’t mean that the targeted person feels him or herself as a victim.  That person could be the catalyst for unleashing a wave of love and positive change in much the way George Floyd’s very public execution did.


What Do You Choose First

In the days after the George Floyd incident, it came out through his children and friends that George wanted to do something big and good for the world. He chose a result, then the action followed. But he did not deliberately choose the set of circumstances or the particular action. He merely had a dream of an end result of doing something impactful for the world. That is always the first and most important step. The choosing of the “what.” His being where he was at that very crucial moment can be seen as a divinely orchestrated unfolding of his dream. There is no question about the outpouring of love that has come about from those who realize it is time to consciously choose to be the light of PEACE, EQUALIT, AND JUSTICE for all.


Change Begins Because Of What Is In Your Head

 Each human being has the ability to consciously and deliberately and definitively choose how he or she is going to react to the world. Only You choose who You want to be in Your Life, and Change begins with You because of what is in Your head, where Your beliefs are. And wherever You go in this world, You always take Yourself with You. You can run, but You can’t hide from Your thoughts, Your beliefs, from Who You Are, or Your Identity.  At each moment, You are the result of every single choice You’ve made, and each choice influences everything and everyone in Your life.

No one can change the past, but everyone can choose and create a different future. We already know our past, and in every present moment, a different potentially more wonderful future lives. It all depends on what is in Your head. If You would like help learning how to create a beautiful, light-filled future consciously, my vision and mission are to help women and men around the world become aware of their powerful ability to say, “I Choose – I Am Not A Victim.”