Intentional Living Requires Conscious Deliberate Choosing  

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg

 With the passing this month of America’s gender equality icon, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I am inspired to focus on her awareness of the impact her choices had on society and to shed further light on the truth that wise choices, ideas, or solutions need time and results to become wise.


Conscious Choosing, Patience, And Persistence

Ruth Bader Ginsburg clearly knew the importance of making conscious choices. She also knew that patience and persistence were required in helping others see their way to wise choices and being able to make important changes. While I did not grow up in the United States and was not aware of the role Mrs. Ginsburg played in paving the way for gender equality, I have subsequently become aware of the widespread and important influences her choices had in the fight for equality and equal rights for women and men.

It’s hard to imagine today that it wasn’t all that long ago that women in the United States didn’t have the right to open a bank account, have credit cards or a mortgage without a man’s signature. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s work helped change that. As an article about RBG on states, “For more than a decade, until her first judicial appointment in 1980, she led the fight in the courts for gender equality. When she began her legal crusade, women were treated, by law, differently from men. Hundreds of state and federal laws restricted what women could do, barring them from jobs, rights, and even from jury service. By the time she donned judicial robes, however, Ginsburg had worked a revolution.”


Every Person Has The Ability And Right To Choose

We don’t all live high-profile lives as did RBG. However, every woman and man has the ability to make choices that will lead to a very satisfying life.  Choosing is active and must be done consciously and conscientiously to lead to the kind of life you want to live. At each moment in life, You are the result of every single choice made, and each choice influences everything and everyone in your life.

When you come to realize that your life is the result of every choice you have made, whether your choices were conscious or not, you begin to realize perhaps how many choices you have given to others to make for you. Or perhaps how you’ve just let things happen. Not making a choice is a choice to let someone else make a choice for you. That does not lead to the life you want to live.


Who You Admire And Emulate Is A Choice

We learn so much from the people we admire and look to for inspiration in our lives. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has inspired generations of Americans and continues to do so. As I continue to learn more about her, she is inspiring me as well. My mission in life is to help men and women around the world become aware of the gift we are all born with … the gift to Choose not to be a victim. I love to inspire women and men to make conscious choices that lead to the enrichment of their lives. And I love what Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “To make life a little better for people less fortunate than you, that’s what I think a meaningful life is. One lives not just for oneself but for one’s community.” Men and women who do not understand the power of making conscious choices are less fortunate than those who do know this great and powerful secret of life.


Choose To Live Intentionally

 Living intentionally is a choice. It leads to joy, abundance, personal power, and a fully satisfying life. If you would like help strengthening the innate ability to choose in your life, perhaps I can provide the inspiration you desire. Together, we can continue to follow in Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s footsteps to be a positive force for society.