To Get The Best From Anyone Give Everyone The Best Of You

Can You give Trust, Respect, Encouragement, and Loyalty to every person You meet? This is not a trick question. It is sincere, and it is the question that will show You the way to becoming confident and living the life You choose.   Consciously Choosing Is The Key Most people are not aware of their […]

Only You Can Choose The Life You Want To Live

Perhaps You may not currently agree with the title of this piece. I imagine many women and men would disagree. However, if You really think about it and look at life objectively, You will ultimately come to agree that no one else can think for You, choose for You, or live for You unless You […]

Choose True Strength

An Opportunity To Discover And Choose True Strength “Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude.” Victor Frankl When You find Yourself in a situation that You did not consciously choose, and it’s a situation that appears to be limiting and out-of-the-norm, this is when You get to discover Your true attitude about […]

Unique And Normal

Embrace Your Continuing Story Of Uniqueness And Normality The title I’ve chosen for this article seems improbable, doesn’t it? However, soon You will see that every single person is a marvelous expression of the seeming contradiction of being unique and normal! Let me begin with a definition. Uniqueness is the quality of being the only […]

Look For Good

When You Look For Good, You’ll Find It Everywhere And In Everything Are You living Your dream life? Or, are You struggling to and not understanding why it seems so difficult to live Your Dream? If You are longing to learn how to live in harmony with Your dreams, You surely need a guide to […]

Freedom And Good

Spreading Freedom And Good Do You have trouble seeing the good in everything? Are You more likely to see the bad and focus on that instead? Too many people today seem to be obsessed with seeing and talking about negative things all the time. The news media spreads fear and tragedies. At the first sign […]