Your “How to Win” Thinking Model

Are You A “Victim” Of Your Own Acceptances?

Are You A “Victim” in Your Life?

Do You Know That Your Mind is The Free Passport To Your World?

This Brand New Program From Mindset Coach And Best-Selling Author Gabriela Humailo Will Show You How

To Live A New Life with Your “How To Win” Thinking Model
And Taking Control of Creating Your Future!

In the brand new “How to Win” Thinking Coaching Program from Best-Selling Author Gabriela Humailo You’ll discover:

  • She will tell You Why Your Old Beliefs must be reinterpreted and adapted with the way You think Today to create Your “How to Win” Thinking Model for becoming Who You Want to Be.
  • And Why updating Your thinking model is so important for taking control and living the life You create.
  • And Why the freedom of Your mind is the Free Pass to Your world.

Why is it a Must?

  • Because Your Potential Is Not in Your Education But In Your Way Of Thinking!
  • Because You Are Today What You Think About Yourself Based on Your Old Beliefs!
  • Because You Express Your Beliefs and Not Your Thoughts and Values in Your Outside World!
  • And there are so many “Because“…

Let me ask You this:

Do You feel something is wrong or that isn’t working as it should, but You can’t “put Your finger on it” and You notice and feel uncomfortable with how You think and feel about Yourself or the life around You that You don’t like, but You think You are a victim in Your life, and You blame and complain about anything and anyone except Yourself?

Are You a victim of childhood without the love and affection of Your parents and You think that You don’t deserve to be loved and that You are not worthy of anybody, or You feel as if everything You do is wrong and You think that You don’t know how to make someone happy because You already fought for the love, but You failed?

Are You a victim of growing into an environment of emotional or mental and psychical abuses and violence and You think that You are guilty whatever You do, and punishment is a way of living because You learned how to adapt and have developed skills of how to avoid pain by creating Your survival kit?

Or perhaps are You a victim of a physical handicap or disease or a deficiency in expressing or relating to people and You think You are not able to do what others do, and other people do not accept You, that Your future is so limited or without a chance, and You have nothing to give, so You don’t deserve to receive?

Do You still feel the emotional or physical “pain” reading these questions?

If You answered yes, to any of the above, then You are a victim of accepting this way of Victims’ Thinking Model!

Do You Want To Live A New Life Without Struggling with Any Of These Pains?

Then give Yourself the chance to see how beautiful life is without pain, and let me show You how to do it.

Yes! I am ready for a New Life! Show me how!

More than 45 years ago, when I was just 4 years old, I first discovered how to think positively and I built my life by testing and improving the “How to Win” Thinking Model since then.

What are the effects of this way of thinking?

The effects of these “victim’s thoughts” are a low level of self-esteem, self-image, self-value, self-talk, self-labels, self-diminishing, self-victimizing, self-exclusion, lack of unconditional love, physical and psychical health, and other ways of minimizing Yourself.

You can also feel the effects financially, spiritually, socially and with Your communication.

The effects of this way of thinking can manifest through an exaggerated level of reactions and interpretations that create Your pattern of thinking with a powerful and overwhelming feeling of failure that impacts all Your primary areas of relationships.

There are 6 main Thinking Models that can create these effects in Your life; they are:

  • #1 Fears
  • Poverty Mindset
  • Self-Judgment
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Self-Punishment
  • Keeping score. 

Do You “recognize” these Thinking Models on Yourself?

Do You Want to Stop Living with These Fears and Self-Judgments? 

What are the Results of these ways of thinking?

This way of thinking can create patterns and results in living a limited and unfulfilled life, living to survive, and “getting” from life.
It can also generate egocentrism, living by “what people say”, bullying, dependency, suicidal thoughts,
and many other specific forms.

Do You Want To Stop “Paying” By Experiencing The Same Painful Emotions Again And Again?

You already “paid” once when You lived them for real, long time ago.

What does all this mean?

It means You function according to Your old beliefs but with Your new level of awareness!
And this creates a disconnect between who You are today and who You want to be!

Why? Because “How to think” is totally different from “What to think.”

What do You need to do today to live a happy and fulfilled future life?

There is an old saying: Do something different if You want different results!

But Before doing something different in Your outside world, do something different in Your inside worldLearn How To Think Differently.

Do You want to create and learn Your “How to Win” Thinking Model?

Then Book One of The Coaching Options and Take Your First Step Toward Creating Your “How To Win” Thinking Model.

Yes! I am ready for a New Life! Show me how!

During this LIVE 2-hour online workshop I will go through step-by-step each of these powerful Thinking Models and unravel how they can be harmful to Your everyday life. You will also have a chance to ask me, directly, any questions You want and gain clarity about how Your Thinking Model affects Your present and influence Your future life during the LIVE Q&A session immediately following.

You will also receive an action guide and Q&A session. ($97 value)

BONUS: As my gift to You for attending this LIVE online workshop You will also receive a digital copy of my Best-Selling Book “Think Big” co-authored with Brian Tracy (English) ($19.95 value)

Not sure if this is right for You?

Then, for just $10 gain access to the recorded session where I break down the Thinking Models and unravel harmful behaviors.

Do You want more than hearing, and have the courage to decide that it’s time to live the life You create and deserve?

Do You want to have a step-by-step strategy that shows You how to identify and create Your “How to Win” Thinking Model?

During the “How to Win” Thinking Coaching Program, Gabriela will show You:

  • What means Harmony in Your Thinking Model and how it influences Your actions and results in life.
  • Why the lack of harmony is the first sign of disconnect when You don’t like the results and where to “look.”
  • Why You want harmony in life instead of balance.
  • What primary areas of Your relationships are affected by lack of harmony.
  • What is most affected by Your present Thinking Model.
  • How Your Unique Ability to Choose is Your Power to Create Your Future.
  • Why You created everything in Your life and You choose how to create Your future life.
  • How works the choosing process and how it influences Your entire life.
  • What to choose for living the life of Your dreams.
  • How to identify Your present Thinking Model based on Your old beliefs
  • What are Beliefs and why they control Your life.
  • Why do You ignore the causes of who You are today?
  • How to think about Your causes for transforming their effects and results.
  • Why if You only look “to repair” the effects or worst, the results, they will return again and again.
  • Why “what to think” or “how others think” doesn’t work for You.
  • Why You can’t change Your Present Thinking Model by Yourself.
  • Why Your memory is Your most dangerous self-sabotager.
  • Why You already have all the skills of a successful person.
  • How to “gain Your future time” by living it in Your way, with Your “How to Win” Thinking Model.
  • How to have more quality time with Your family and friends and all the persons from Your life
  • How to save money and time with Your “How to Win” Thinking Model.
  • How to find Your direction in life.

Please keep in mind that urgency doesn’t mean only speed, but mostly what is important for Your life!
And direction is the most important focus in Life!
Many people are going daily fast, but nowhere.

Do You Want to Know How to Live Your Happiness and Not Only Dream of It?
Do You Want to Live A New Life with Your “How To Win” Thinking Model And Taking Control Of Creating Your Future?
Then Book One of The Coaching Options and Take Your First Step Toward Creating Your “How To Win” Thinking Model.

Yes! I am ready for a New Life! Show me how!

One Idea can change Your life when You change the way You look at it!

One Choice made at the age of 4 was Life-Changing for me! I chose How to Think!

And since then, in each moment I Choose My Future!

You Choose Your Future Life!